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Re: Dave Gomberg

Bruno, commenting on the railing of "Truthinscience": 

<<Why would anyone start a thread TITLED with someone else's name?  That's

truthinscience at yahoo_com (I think its the Australian!! ):

>You are selling cheap CO2 equipment and claiming it
>reliable when in fact it has a sereous flaw. Lets sum
>up some facts from your own web site and recent posts.


<<Ok, I don't care where you're from, at least have the decency to run your
through a spell checker (mainly talking about the rest of the message I cut)>>


Of course you do, Bruno .... he's from Australia!:-)


<<I trimmed the rest of your lecture on "Reality."  Seems to me you're the
resident expert on fact and fiction yet offer no practical advice or any
information of your own at all.  >>


That's why he hopes to fool us with this NEW fake name... so he can
continue to Flame Gomberg while claiming he wants to bolt this thread under
his "respectable" name.  There is NO record of this
"truthinscience at yahoo_com" posting to the APD.


<<Here's a bit of reality for you:  Dave does not make any of the
components in
his "system."  So, are you questioning the sanity of putting together a system
based on those components or the components themselves?  Have you ever
looked at
or used any of those specific parts before?  Even talked to anyone that has?>>


Of course he can't.  He's in another country.  People  with an axe to grind
slam the online seller BECAUSE he sells.  The "Facts" of the debate are an
inconvenience to them because those facts support the successful products.
One has only to note how many satisfied costumers there are for Gomberg's
products.  You will hear no part numbers, fact, figures, experimental data
etc. from this guy because that's hard work and in the end, supports Gomberg. 

I'll make it simple; I use and sell a high end line of Co2 equipment which
has Japanese styling and European technology made here in the U.S.
(Shameless plug)  If you like Amano-style stuff as I do, you'll REALLY dig
this! http://www.floridadriftwood.com/aquariumlandscapes.html

So in a REAL sense... I'm Gomberg's competitor!  Despite that fact, I've
used Gomberg's products too and they have never failed!   End the Gomberg
bashing AND this hostile version of the valid Co2 thread under ALL identities.

Aquarium Plants and Hardware: