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Re: Surface Film


<<I have a 125gal planted tank established for over 6 years. I have a surface 
film that looks like a thin layer of wax paper floating. When I do a water 
change and do pruning It disappears. Then the film starts back within 10 
hours and builds. It does not seem to affect the fish. If I try to scoop it 
up with a fine mesh net, some is collected and the rest breaks up in the 
turbulence, looking like skin peelings. It has no odor and washes out of the 
net easily. I use a CO2, yeast system, but have turned it off for over a week 
Any suggestions?>>

I don't know what this proteinacious, insipid film is but it blocks light
to plants.  That's one why I invented my "Easy Filter" series to deal w/
that mess: http://floridadriftwood.com/settingupanewaquarium.html .   If
you arn't up to the "Do-It-Yourself" work;  coming this Fall, an
instant-install  "For sale" version of the Easy Filter ... version IV for
55gal tanks.

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