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Re: CO2 Regulators

William Beckerman asked about Victor regulator model numbers.

Go to http://www.victorequip.com/ and click on Products, then click on the link below 'Pressure Regulators and Flowmeters'.  That will take you to the online version of the catalog, which will show the entire model number (i.e., the exact model number for the regulator, as it's configured for a specific gas and output pressure range.)  It's much easier to look at a hard copy of their catalog though, which I believe you can order online.

I forgot to mention that not all configurations of a certain model, say the VTS-450, can be converted from one output pressure range to another, even though it is available for either range.  According to the repair guy I deal with, some models have slightly different bodies for certain ranges, even though they sell them under the same basic model number.  That's why you should confirm that the model you're considering can be converted to CO2 or not before you buy it.

Good luck,
Wade Shimoda