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Re: CO2 Regulation

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000 01:56:23 EDT  FocaIPoint at aol_com (David) wrote

>Good point. But it is not Rocket Science ... certainly not in the hobbyist 
>Bruno - Why are you slamming this man?

First I would suggest that you go back and read my post again.  Follow it
carefully to note which text is mine and which is quoted (>).

>It seems that others on this list are perfectly entitled to make blanket
>assertions, and this fellow is not?

Neil made a blanket statement saying that any regulator that "dumped" during its
last breath was "garbage" and that Dave's products were garbage.  I fail to see
anywhere in my post where I agreed with anyone else making blanket statements of
any kind.  I had enough of the mud slinging - especially since it was completely
off-base and with total disregard for the topic at hand.

>He simply outlined what worked for him.

Neil did this, did he?

>He used the price figure, not to imply that he advocated *cheap stuff*
>but that good gear does not have to be all that expensive.

He made no such points in his "arguments."  Good gear can range between all
price levels as I mentioned.  Gear at all price levels and of many different
makes can also be considered "good" and can be used, very successfully, for
Planted Aquaria purposes.  This includes the system that Dave Gomberg sells.
Note I'm not slamming anyone.

>Why was that difficult to understand?

It wasn't.  I'm just wondering what problem you have understanding my original

Recently Neil has quoted a series of "qualifications" of his.  When it comes
down to it, I don't care how many qualifications a person claims to have - even
if they can prove it.  If you don't provide any information or useful content in
your messages, then skip it and don't even bother.  Basically put your
qualifications to use.  As I mentioned, the most helpful people that have
contributed to the discussion of CO2 in this list have no official (formal
education, job-related experience, etc) qualification to comment on CO2.  But
they have provided all the right bits of information and links to a lot more for
anyone to go read up on their own.  To those people, I thank you.

When some people are done comparing penis size and are ready to talk about
specifics of the topic of CO2 injection as it relates to Aquaria, then all's
good with me.