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Re: Lamp Holders

> I am interested in an acrylic lamp rack I saw in the Pet Warehouse catalog
> lighting section.  The description states that it is designed to hold four
> T12 fluorescent tubs using a guillotine-style arm and the included nylon
> fasteners.

I had that type of rack for my tubes.  Major pain, not worth the trouble.
If I wanted to pull one of the rear tubes without removing the entire
canopy, I had to remove all the front tubes first!  Now I'm using the
tube clips sold by Coralife.  Two plastic clips per tube, they work much

> Is this designed to be mounted underneath a hood or can you place this
> directly on the aquarium glass?

Mine wasn't the commercially made one, it was home-made, but worked the
same way.  I guess it might be possible to make one that rests on the glass.

It's very easy to make, just a hole-saw, and a saw to cut the acrylic into
the strips.  

Chuck Gadd