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Re: CO2 Regulators

>FWIW, our two stage regulator has never "dumped" CO2, even though we let 
>the tank pressure drop until no gas flows.
>How we got a cheap, but good two stage regulator (other than the one we 
>got for free.)  Got a Victor catalog explaining the various models 
>(including the type of gas it's configured for, and the operating output 
>pressure range.)  I got it by filling out their online request form.  Went 
>to ebay.  Found some two stage regulators and emailed sellers for model 
>numbers.  If they weren't configured for CO2 or the lower pressure ranges, 
>I asked the Victor repair guy whether or not they could be reconfigured, 
>and for how much.  Bid accordingly.
Any chance you would share those model numbers?

>Don't be shy about calling the regulator repair guy in your area.  
I agree about that and also many of the sales reps will help. When I was 
designing special effect for stage and rock and roll shows, the local 
ARCO rep was always helpful with information about various parts.
>Wade Shimoda
>Honolulu, HI
>Small soapbox:  Was there a reason why this thread changed names so many 
>Some of the names:
>Re: Compressed Gas Regulators (was: Carbo-Plus vs. compressed gas)
>CO2 miscellany
>CO2 Regulators
>CO2 Dumping
>Anti Dump CO2 Rewgulator
>CO2 Regulator
>CO2 regulation
>All of these are, of course, much better than "Re: Aquatic Plants Digest 
>V4 #nnn"

Wade, you are of course right, but as a Newbie to this list, I would 
venture to say this a normal condition when using a 'digest' type list vs 
a single e-mail type list. People tend not to cut and paste the subject 
line to their reply and the above is the result.
My bias is of course to change to a database type list that does both 
types of distribution plus allows for easy searching and thread parsing 
and as long as I am wishing, a moderator that renames  threads as needed 
would be nice. 
Which brings up the question is there any why to subscribe to this list 
on a single e-mail basis?

(Is there an abbreviation for 'Not Trying To Start A Flame War, Just 
Expressing My Point of View' ('NTTSAFWJEMPOV' ??? <g>)

William ('JADN')Beckerman
(Just Another Dumb Newbie)
Cornelius, NC