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A&H lighting for the big tanks

I recently got and have installed a 8 x 96 watt set from A&H
supply for a large tank. I found the service, instructions,
quality and cost exceptional, period. There are no companies
that make prebuilt hoods in this range.

For additions to a custom hood, the kits they sell are without
equal. If you have a bulky wood hood etc or an acrylic hood and
are thinking of upgrading, this is the best deal you can do.
They can be crammmed into very small spaces and added to about
any application you can come up with.
I have over 3 years on the same bulbs they sell with great color
and plant growth so they more than pay for themsleves on
efficiency, lamp replacement cost and can pentrate deep water
effectively. I will certainly use the A&H in many future
endeavors. Now if they can make a nice MH
kit(70-100-175-250w)and a pendant also, I will be totally
Tom Barr

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