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Other acids and CO2-pH-KH table

Adrian Banica recently asked what affect the tunnic and humic acids from
woods and peats have on the pH/KH relationship that allows extrapoloation
of the CO2 content.  I believe George Booth replied that the impact of
these organic acids was probably negligible.

I only know that Ines Scheurmann stated that the presence of peat in a
substrate invalidates the pH/KH extrapololation.  (Stated in her Auatic
Plants Manual.)  But she did not explain the problbem.  Can anyone else

And by the way, someone referred to Ines Scheurmann as a male person
recently--she's a female person! ( Estrogen also plays a role in aquatic
plant horticulture...)

Carmen C. Robinett      Berkeley, CA   (510) 642-5971