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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #509

> <<  That would be cheaper than the PC route likely unless you build yourself.
> Correct me here on prices please. I thought an ALLGlass 2 x 55 watt PC inside
> its mirrored reflector locally sells for $135.00. I have two sitting atop my
> 120. I thought I did a pretty good job pricing equivalent MH systems. I
> thought an MH system cost approximately twice that watt for watt.  I was
> wrong huh?
> Or is this simply a local oddity?
> David

I know prices very well on lighting:)
A&H is 64.99$ for 2 x55watt.
Bulbs add another 44$ to 50$ to that plus no State sales tax:)

I'm talking about A&H or Hamilton's MH's pendants.
They are about the best deal.
Tom Barr