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No Subject

Tom Barr wrote:  "You would be better off and save more $ buying the
Hamilton 6 x 96 watt hood
which you have seen at David's. You know that is very bright. I think
pendants are very suited to the bow front tanks."

Thanks for your comments Tom, and also to Wayne Jones and several others.  I
want to comment on the Hamilton 6 x 96 watt CF fixture which I did see at
David's and it was literally falling apart.  The CF lights were falling out
of their mounts onto the glass top of the tank.  I think one bulb actually
broke when it fell.  The unit was extremely flimsy and warped as well.  It
was not really sturdy enough to pick up to have a better look at the tank.
It took me less than 30 seconds to decide I wouldn't be buying that fixture.
To be fair, if others have a better impression of the unit, we should
probably hear from them.

You're probably right about not mixing lighting types, but I always wanted
to try MHs and I very much liked the idea of 200 watts of CF pushed to the
very front of the fixture to light the forward portions of a bow front tank.
I'm guessing that with the waste of additional money, I'll get this worked
out satisfactorily.  Re the amount of light, don't forget that the Oceanic
bow front is 28 inches deep.  The tank does NOT look overlit with the unit
blazing away with all lights on.  Looks quite nice actually (as long as you
try to imagine you can't hear the darn buzzing).  :-)

Regards, Steve Dixon  (still two miles away from my buzzing MH lamps)