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Water Top Off...


I bet that this topic has been well covered and I know that there are posts
on the Krib about water top off devices but I thought that I would point
everyone to a particularly nice implementation of a "siphon" type unit. It
is commercially available and called "Nurce". It is beautifully made,
requires no electricity and probably has a very, very low possibility of
failing or flooding.

The site is at http://www.aqualan.to/products.html.

The bad news is that it is probably priced too high to get many takers. The
great part about it is there are so many pictures and diagrams of this
device that it would not take much ingenuity to build one yourself...
cheaply ;-)

Check it out.



Paul Mouritsen
Network Analyst
Holy Cross Hospital
Silver Spring, Maryland

mourip @ holycrosshealth. org

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