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Neil and his Glossostigma

I see from your post that you are having success with your Glossostigma.  I
really want to use some in my tank but I understand that the plant prefers
soft, <7ph water.  My local tap water has a GH of 12.3 dH or 219 mg/l and a
pH of 7.5.  Should I even attempt to grow this species under these water
conditions?  Considering that I probably will not take extreme measures to
alter my hard water (i.e. R.O. or Ion Exchange).  I plan to use straight tap
water for the initial fill and then use distilled water for water changes so
the GH doesn't get out of whack.  All of the plants that I have selected can
handle the hard water except for the Glosso.  (FYI - 3 watts per gallon VHO
florescent and CO2).  What do you all think?