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Re: Steve's lighting

Steve wrote regarding his CSL hood from hell.

>  I've tried
> putting pads on the ballasts but haven't noticed much effect.  Can I put the
> ballasts in some kind of sound insulated box?  If I were to do that, how can
> I get rid of the heat produced?
> Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.  All in all not such a good
> report on an alleged top-of-the-line fixture.

I've been of the notion that one type rather than two types of lighting
seemed better and simpler. All MH's or all PC's. If your not happy, send the
light back. Tell why it's being sent back too. I think over all the big
tanks are great with either.

I was wondering about something with all that light. You are going to be
trimming lots and lots with all that light and that big tank plus the others
you have. Aren't you going to be extremely busy now:)?

You would be better off and save more $ buying the Hamilton 6 x 96 watt hood
which you have seen at David's. You know that is very bright. I think
pendants are very suited to the bow front tanks. Since the tank has that bow
in the front part that bows out where the light doesn't get to very much, a
linear light spread falls short of providing enough lighting to the all
important front/middle edge. Another thing, you will like to work on the
tank if you have an open top(and/or with a lid). My MH's are not very noisy
IMO and they are sitting outside the tank on the side. I'm sure if you
placed them under the cabinet they would only be heard during start up.
3 x 250 watts would be very bright and nice or 3 x 175 also. That would be
cheaper than the PC route likely unless you build yourself. Let me know if
you want either Steve. I can get the best deal for you on either.
That tank is big so you will be spending a fair amount of time in there.
Tom Barr