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What`wrong ?

  Due to my yellowing leaves I thought I had an iron problem...tested for
iron and added some as I thought I needed it .
I posted before about not getting any color from my Sera Iron test
kit...even on a sample of 100% iron additive . It was suggested I had an
outdated regent...so...I  got another brand :  " Red Sea Fe " test kit .
Now I get a bright yellow color in the test tube . Yellow isn`t even on the
chart . Green to redish brown are , but not yellow . It had an expiration
date of 2004 .
  So...anybody else get odd or no readings from iron tests ? Red Sea is
sending another kit but had not heard of yellow coming up either on an iron
test . Hmmm.
   On a side note I get 359 KH and 8.4 pH....hard enough to carve , and off
the Co2 charts I`ve seen .
                        Wilm., Oh.