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Re: Re: Question about filters

>>>>>>The two choices that I narrowed it
down to are the Fluval '04 series of canister filters and the Eheim
Professional Series of canister filters.  ......  But I
am willing to pay the extra $54 dollars for the Eheim Professional filter, IF
it is the better filter and IF it provides better filtration for my tank.

Hi all, I have been lurking for a bit, so I hope you do not mind if I jump in on this one.

I used to work in the T.F. business years back and am just setting up my aquariums again after a few years of no permanent

I strongly prefer Eheim over Fluval. Back in the 70's and early 80's when I worked in the business here in NJ, Fluval came on the
market. Eheims were much more expensive than Fluval and proved thier value many times over.

They will work virtually forever with little maintenance.

Just about an hour ago, I was just talking to a guy that does maintenance and opened a small shop for himself. Fluval has recently
had to recall many filters and send out many replacement parts. He is eliminating his stock of Fluvals and will start stocking
Eheims soon.

I just ordered a new Eheim from him for the 30H tank I will be setting up in the next couple of weeks. My old one froze up after
years in storage. I could get a new pump for the old cannister, But I like the new line and can use the old cannister inline with
the new one for some peat filtration. (The water here in Oakland NJ can best be described as crunchy).

Go for the Eheim, They are well worth the extra dollars over the Fluval.