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Subject: re: Eheim vs. Fluval

Aquatic Plants Digest 8/30/00 3:48 PM Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com
>The 2217, on the other hand, is an outstanding filter.  Overengineered, if 
>there is such a thing. Maintains flow rate without clogging for a very long 
>time. Quieter than the Fluval. Easier to prime if you use the double tap 
>valves. Very good at evacuating air bubbles. Excellent setup for injecting 
>CO2 (I do).

Thanks Dave! 
I've used Fluvals for years, and your right, they are a pain to clean, 
the old ones tended to bust off top clips, they lose prime and they are 
somewhat loud. But for the money..not bad.
I thought about the Eheim, but was afraid they weren't worth the extra 
money, but now I'll give one a try!

William Beckerman
Cornelius, NC