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Re: Question about filters

On Tue, 29 Aug 2000 LeroyC333 at aol_com wrote
> Hello everyone.  Have I got a question for you!  Even though it is not
> directly related to aquarium plants, I feel that it would still be useful
> those of us who are involved in the aquarium hobby and aquatic horticulture.
> I was just looking through a Pet Warehouse catalog the other day, and I was
> looking through the filter section of the catalog.  I am going to buy a new
> filter for my new 38-gallon tank and I was trying to decide which kind of
> filter to buy.  I decided that a canister filter would be best for my
> purposes and I narrowed it down to two choices, but I cannot decide which
> to get, as they both seem pretty good.  The two choices that I narrowed it
> down to are the Fluval '04 series of canister filters and the Eheim
> Professional Series of canister filters.  Both seem to be excellent filters,
> but in the Pet Warehouse catalog that I was looking through, the Eheim
> Professional Series filter that I am thinking of buying runs about $54
> dollars more than the Fluval '04 model that I am thinking of buying.  But I
> am willing to pay the extra $54 dollars for the Eheim Professional filter,
> it is the better filter and IF it provides better filtration for my tank.
> So, if it were left to you and it were up to you to decide, which one would
> YOU get, and which do you guys think is the better filter?  [SNIP]

I just installed an Eheim Professional series filter on my most recent tank.
I have used Magnum, Fluval and previous models of Eheim in the past.  For ease
of cleaning, the Eheim Pro Series is by far the simplest.  The cut-off valves
are built in and are not an optional device as on other filter systems.  The
locks are new and don't come apart as previous models of Eheim.  The baskets
have handles that make them easy to remove and re-install.  When I buy another
filter, it will be another Eheim Pro Series unless I find it necessary to move
up-to their wet-dry series.

I generally try to get the highest capacity filter (return cap.) as I can
afford.  You can slow the filter return down with a ball valve on the output,
but I know of no way to increase the flow if it's not fast enough.