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Re: Trimming Micranthemum Micranthemoides?

J. Bonin wrote:

>Does this plant require as much light as glosstigma does?  Anyone know
>where to get this plant from?  I'm in need of a foreground plant for my
>24'' deep tank and it may be just what I'm looking for.  Any other tank
>requirements you know of would probably help.  Have a great day!

I carry the plant ... both the Amano and the American varieties.  But I do
not recommend that plant for a 24in deep tank unless you have
disproportionately bright light.  I doubt you have, since you asked if the
plant requires as much light as Glossostigma.  Yes, its a bright light
plant.  You won't like its growth form in moderate light.

I oft get questions that ask "I'd like to set up an Amano-style tank.  I'm
a first timer and this is a 90 gal tank, but I don't want to spend a ton of
$ on plants and equipment".  Translation:  [I've already got the spouse
P****D off at me for springing the $150.00 for this huge aquarium!  I don't
want to hear I need to spend more than $50.00 more for plants and stuff! ]
Right off the bat, you know this newbie is in for some SERIOUS worries.
IMHO, you will not have an Amano style, deep-water, large tank lite bright
enough for less than $120.00 in lighting alone.

The trick to good, cheaper lighting IMHO, is keeping the aquarium long
(24in or 48in), wide(12-24in) & low (12-16in).  This flies in the face of
what manufactureres in the US think an aquarium should be.  That's why I
build my own.

Americans see an Amano tank and they think BIG, not small.  This despite
the fact 90% of Amano's aquariums that are consistently displayed in his
books are less than 40gallons.  

We planted tank people repeatedly demonstrate that our art is superior to
that of saltwater in EVERY way;

1. Much Cheaper.
2. Versitility.
3. Looks better.
4. Environmentally more sound.

But much of the American tank technology seems to still be borrowed from
freshwater "fishtanks" and the lighting technology from saltwater aquaria.
Thanks to AHsupply the lighting technology available in the US is now
becoming plant friendly.  But good plant tank designs in the US are still
in the dark ages!  Companies like All-glass Aquariums continue to ignore us!

Some QUICK , inexpensive plant tank advice.  Degree in Bio-chemistry NOT
necessary: http://floridadriftwood.com/settingupanewaquarium.html

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