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cloudy tank observation part II

Hi all,

Just learned something: a cloudy tank is not necessarily cycling, and a
cycling tank is not necessarily cloudy. 

Until tonight, I thought all cycling tanks were cloudy, that the
cloudiness meant the tank was cycling, etc. If you read my previous
whine, I have what I thought was a cloudy, cycyling 125 gal and a
crystal clear 30 gal., both newly set up, with the 125 a couple of weeks

To my horror tonight, I lost three green tiger barbs in my 30 gal within
five hours. I tested the water and found no ammonia, but a huge, scary
nitrite spike. The tank has some small, healthy cryps, low light and no
CO2. The water in this tank looks beautiful, always has, but was,
apparently, pure poison.

I tested the water in the heavily planted cloudy, horrible-looking 125
aquarium-from-hell and found no ammonia and no nitrites. After five
weeks of cloudiness, I'm beginning to think the tank has cycled and the
cloudiness is from something else.

Anyway, I removed my two remaining tiger barbs and put them in the 125.
They may not live, but at least they'll die comfortably.

Has anyone else had this experience?

amyh at atl_mediaone.net