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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #505

> Merrill mused:
>> Please remind me when I see you in Chatanooga that there is a very nice
>> bridge that I would like to sell you! :>)
>> I wish that you would try the "Carbo Plus" as I have great results with
>> it!  This will probably open up a "new can of worms" out of Canada, as a
>> certain person there thinks it can't work.  I see it work!!
> Merrill, some of us Canadians even believe that there is something to the
> Plocher thing. I have seen that work, too!  (more heresy :-) )

Still far more expensive than the gas. I didn't care for it myself but liked
the idea. Canned is still the way to go:)
Tom Barr