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Re: Arowana setup

> Ah yes  point taken :)... i was hoping that the light fixtures would be
enough to weigh
> down the hood (which is tight-fitting)

I've heard of people having 2x4'a with barbell weights ontop to hold the top
down - I'd be careful.  Alot of it is (as always) going to depend on the
personality of the fish.
Floating plants will definately help here - I'd reccomend pennywort - it
grows out like a network of small lillypads, and the dangling roots look

> I also thought about this.  I used the goldfish because they were the
cheapest thing
> and I would've gotten bored with ammonia treatment.  I will remove the
goldfish right
> before I add the plants.  The plants will then be allowed to establish
themselves for a
> month or so before I add the juv Arowanna.  That "fishless" period in
between i'm not
> sure of.  I was hoping that the plants would be able to use the higher
nutrient load of
> newly introduced soil.  What are your thoughts?

won't work - the plants will be fine (assuming there is nitrogen in the
substrate), but after a month w/o ammonia, your bacterial filter is going to
be dead (or mostly dead), and you'll have to re-cycle.  If you haven't
already started with the goldfish, I'd just skip to the plants and fishless
cycling - you're going to be adding liquid fertilizer anyways, right?
If you've already got the goldfish in there, then it's a bit too late for
fishless (what're you going to do with them after cycling?) but you'll still
have to add ammonia in the period where the plants are establishing
themselves to keep the bacterial filter going (the plants will love it,
too - and they'll establish themselves faster)

Derek Johnson
djohnson1981 at yahoo_com