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Trimming Micranthemum Micranthemoides?

I've had this plant for only few months. Somewhere along the line it hit the 
perfect look. Unfortunately, I let it go wild for longer than I should have. 
I mowed it down today and it looks awful. It has a tendency to spread 
horizontally as well as grow vertically,  and while trying to comb through 
the stems to trim and thin out the patch a bit, entire stems were pulled up, 
exposing roots, and leaving bald spots. I have it planted along the front, 
which may not be the best position.

Since this is my first major trimming session with this plant, what I'm 
wondering is this: (Because I'm noticing it does not look as attractive 
mid-stem as the tops--hopefully this is due to lack of light and being choked 
by spreading). Is this one of those plants you cut and replant the tip? (If 
this is the case, I think I'll give it up.) Are there any good secrets to 
growing an attractive hedge?

On a side note, it was after introduction of this plant and it's ensuing 
takeover that I completely eradicated my tank of black brush algae. I guess 
now that I pulled out 3/4 of it and moved some crypts over from another tank 
(probably carrying bba), next trim time I'll be mowing black brush algae 
instead . . .

Thanks in advance.