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Hair algae?

Just last week some long(1-2inches)light green algae
of  some sort appeared in my tank and is slowly
spreading.  It is on the driftwood and to a lesser
extent my Vals and E. tenellus.  I just got finished
battling an outbreak of BGA (about 3 weeks ago), so
could I have overdosed the K2SO4 or trace elements? 
What type of algae is this?  If it is hair algae,
could it be die to high iron levels?  Are there fish
that will eat it?  Should I continue my 2 week water
changes?  Below are the specs on my tank:

29 gal, 90 watts lighting (2-Chroma 50's, 3-GE Plant &
Aquarium bulbs)
10 hr photo-period
CO2 injection
Magnum 350
Tank setup Dec, 6, 1998

Lower layer - Red Art 200 pottery clay (7% Fe)/silica
sand/peat/gravel (3:3:1:1)
Middle layer -  inch silica sand
Upper layer -  inch fine gravel

Water specs:
Temp: 78-80F
pH: 6.7-7.0
CO2: 15-25 ppm
Fe: ~0.1 ppm
KH: 5.5-6.0 dH
Ammonia, Nitrite: 0 ppm
Nitrate: 5-10 ppm
Phosphate: ~0.1 mg/ml
Fertilized every second day w/ trace element mix soln
and K2SO4
25% water changed every 2 weeks

Fish: 2-botia lohachata (yo yo loaches), 2-kribensis
(now with 50 fry), 1-Ancistrus sp. (bristlenose
catfish), 1-Panaque sp. (clown plecostomus)
Plants: Valisneria contortionist & spiralis, Bacopa
caroliniana, Echinodorus tennellus, Java Moss


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