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Re: oxygen deficiency

George Booth wrote <<One of our 100 gallon tanks has 4 full grown discus
(each easily 3x the mass of 
an adult angelfish) plus 40 cardinals. No problem with O2. Our 120 at one
has 8 adult angelfish and a school of lemon tetras - no problem with O2. 

Tell us about your water circulation. >>

Our 135-gal is heavily stocked: 12 adult angelfish plus 3 juveniles, 30
cardinals, 5 SAEs and 5 false SAEs, a couple of mollies, 5 phantom tetras,
a few corys, a loach an farlowella and a platty or two. The (below-surface)
circulation is fine, judging by leaf movement and water clarity. We have an
Eheim 2228 (biofilter) with the spraybar just under the surface with very
slight surface rippling. Plus a Magnum 350 (filled with floss only) with
the return below the surface. If I could catch some of these fish I would
reduce the bioload. In any case I've monitored our CO2 and O2 levels with
great care and am now satisfied with our values using the p.m. airstones.
24-hr gas exchange with the air (via a trickle filter or above-surface
filter return with our setup) would be another way to go, but I see no
problem at present. 

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