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RE: Books on Aquarium Plants

Soren Reinke wrote:
>Another excellent plant book would be Aquariumpflanzen from Christel
>Kesselman. It has great pictures, and a more scientifiv approach than most
>other books.
>But at the moment you can only get it in German

I know many great aquarium plant books too, but in another language. One of
my favorite, read bathroom books, is published by Pisces in Japanese. The
book is titled Picture Book of Aquarium Layouts and Water Plants. This is
more of a heavy duty magazines than a book, since there is advertising in
it. Nonetheless this 300 page book contains many layouts and ideas, and I
would say a couple hundred plant descriptions with a picture for each.

FWIW, here is the ISBN#: 4-938780-16-X

Ryan Stover