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Re: Aponogeton ulvaceous - more comments please

> <<  First the question, then some background.  What might cause Aponogeton
> ulvaceous to stay more horizontal instead of vertical?
>    >>
> I would guess that you definitely need more light.  I think 3 watts a
> is a good general number to shoot for.  I have a 3x96 watt setup on my 90
> gallon and it is doing great so far, plants are pearling and shooting up.
> I don't see any other glaring problems, for what that is worth:)
> Don
>>I think you've got that backwards - his plants are growing out, not up -
>>plants in too low light generally reach, and grow very tall in search of
>>For example, my crypts plaster their leaves to the substrate when in the
>>direct glare of my 4w/g, while the leaves point more upwards when in shade.
>>I seem to recall the original post stating the leaves developed a slight
>>reddish hue - this can be the result of bright light (or just the particular
>>spectrum of your lights)
>>Derek Johnson
>>I also have an a. ulvaceous, from AAG. Mine is also growing horizontal, i.e. 
>>the leaves are laying flat. But I've never heard that leaves will grow 
>>horizontal when there is low light. I also had reddish tones striping the 
>>leaves. I'd love to know how to get those leaves to stand up, it's growing 
>>great, and it would look awesome.

Thank you, Sylvia, for your reply regarding the light level.  I don't think it is too little light either, but I'm surprised it may be too much.  I'm also growing Eleocharis acicularis (dwarf hairgrass) and Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (microsword?) in the foreground very nicely.  I have had A. ulvaceous stand up under less light, but this one bugs me.  As Sylvia said, it would look awesome.  I'm sure Sylvia and I would appreciate some more comments.  If there is nothing I can do (reducing the light is not an option) to get these things to stand up, I will be forced to remove the ulvaceous and find a different "filler".  Anyone?

Mike Grace