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Re: Carbon removing CO2?

Aquatic Plants Digest 8/27/00 3:48 PM Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com

>Also, excessive water drop from the lip of the filter into 
>the main body of water in the tank can be a cause of excessive aeration.  
>You want a gentle drop so water is introduced into the tank with a 
>minimum of turbulence.   
> Can anyone reccomend a good hang-on-the-back power
>>  >filter that DOES'NT use carbon cartridges?  Maybe Aquaclear?
>AquaClear can be run with any combination of filter material you choose.  
>You don't have to run carbon in their setup. 

As a Betta fish breeder, I have used Whisper Power Filters for years. 
They have several things going for them like they are inexpensive, easy 
to clean. I like to use them on my 10 gal breeding tank, but as the 
Bettas only want about 4 inches of water, I modify the Power Filters in 
ways that might be of use to you. First as the carbon is packaged 
separately from the filter pad pockets, you could easily leave it out. 
Next I remove the foam pad and replace it with a piece of blue bonded 
filter pad.  This filter is black foam on one side bonded to blue spun 
filter on the other. This filter can be found in pet stores, home centers 
(air cleaner) and mail order ( I get mine from That Fish Place 
(www.thatpetplace)). I cut a piece 4" x 10" which is inserted in the foam 
holder and the rest is draped over the return spillway, down into the 
water. I leave the black foam side off. I often will let the green algae 
(not BGA) build up on the pad as sort of a turf filter.

William Beckerman
Cornelius, NC