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Re: Outdoor Aquarium Qs

I posted once about this before, but received no response, so I'm going 
to try again in the hope that somebody finds it interesting, please? J

I'm going to have an outdoor aquarium on my terrace. I live near the 
Mediterranean (Barcelona) where summer temps usually hit 35C and winter 
temps. About 0  to -5 Celsius. I'm looking at two possibilities, 
either a high-top covered aquarium, or no cover as I want the plants to 
be able to grow out of the water. Ambient light only will be used (at 
first, anyway).

My questions are: 
1 If I have an uncovered tank, will their be a problem with frost or 
will the water temp. protect the emersed leaves? 
2 Will heat loss in winter be a major problem?  
3 Has anyone tried anything like this?

I hope somebody answers this if only to say no to Qs. 1 and 3 and "I 
haven't a clue" to Q2!

Thanks in advance C:)lin