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RE: Books on Aquarium Plants

As a relative newcomer (one year reading, four months with APD and
internet research and almost three months with a planted ten gallon) to
planted aquariums I have two books that seem to cover the basics pretty

Aquarium Plants Manual by Ines Scheurmann, Barron's Press, I bought it
for under $10.

A Fishkeeper's Guide to Aquarium Plants by Barry James from Tetra Press,
which I think I got for around $10.

I feel that they have done a pretty good job of introducing me to this
incredible hobby (not including aquascaping from Takashi Amano, which I
have all three of his Nature Aquarium World books)...almost addictive to
a certain extent (and I thought fish only tanks were awesome!).  They
contain most of the plants people talk about on APD.  Some of the info.
is conflicting but that just seems par for this course!

No more Egeria 'plastica' for me!! 

Hope this helps...Sean in smokey Missoula, Montana where the water IS
hard enough to build on!