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Re: Carbon removing CO2?

In a message dated 8/27/2000 00:52:13 Pacific Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> >liter.  Millenium filters only use cartridges containing carbon and I'm
>  >wondering, is it possible that the carbon is actually stripping the CO2
>  >from the water? 

Unlikely.  CO2 is a dissolved gas, not a large-molecule organic waste 
byproduct.  Carbon goes after the larger molecules, and I should think CO2 to 
be too small to be adsorbed by carbon.  Look, instead, for excess surface 
agitation.  Airstones, bubbling ornaments, excessive turbulence while being 
exposured to air, etc., can all drive off CO2.  I don't use a Millennium 
filter, but don't they advertise it as "wet/dry"?  Does that mean the water 
is being mixed with air at some point?  If so, there's where your CO2 is 
probably going.  Also, excessive water drop from the lip of the filter into 
the main body of water in the tank can be a cause of excessive aeration.  You 
want a gentle drop so water is introduced into the tank with a minimum of 
 Can anyone reccomend a good hang-on-the-back power
>  >filter that DOES'NT use carbon cartridges?  Maybe Aquaclear?
AquaClear can be run with any combination of filter material you choose.  You 
don't have to run carbon in their setup.  Not having a Millennium to compare 
them side by side, it's possible the different design of the AC filter MIGHT 
reduce water agitation.