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Does carbon filtration remove CO2?

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>Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 05:51:13 -0400
>From:osullivan at ameritech_net
>Subject: Does carbon filtration remove CO2?
>Hello all,
>I just recently set up (one week old) a 10 gallon nature aquarium with
>the following:
>Substrate: 50% Profile Clay Soil Conditioner (Schultz), 50% Flourite
>Filtration: Millenium 1000 power filter (90 gph).
>Lighting: 52 watts 6700K power compact flourescent - 11 hours per day
>Temperature: 81 degrees F.
>Plants: Rotala Indica, Ammania Gracillis, Riccia Fluitans, Microsorum
>Pteropus (Java Fern), Hemianthus
> Micranthemoides, Rotala Walichii, Purple Cabomba, Eleocharis
>Fertilization: 50% PMDD/ 50% A.R.T clay in dried pellet form, injected
>directly into the substrate using the Plant Guild's system.  Three 1/4"
>pellets initially and then one pellet per week until optimal plant
>growth is achieved.  I'm also adding CO2 via the "do-it-yourself" yeast
>generator method. I run the output from the generator directly into the
>input of my power filter.
>My problem is that even using a two-liter bottle generator on a little
>ten gallon tank, I'm still only able to get the pH down to about 7.3 and
>with a KH of 4, that only gives me about 5 or 6 miligrams of CO2 per
>liter.  Millenium filters only use cartridges containing carbon and I'm
>wondering, is it possible that the carbon is actually stripping the CO2
>from the water?  Can anyone reccomend a good hang-on-the-back power
>filter that DOES'NT use carbon cartridges?  Maybe Aquaclear?  I have a
>picture of the tank here:
> http://www.geocities.com/osullivp_48152/10gallon.html
>Any thoughts are appreciated.  Thanks,
>Pat O'Sullivan
>Livonia, Michigan.