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Re: oxygen deficiency

On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, Marci wrote:
> Sean quoted Innes:
> Oxygen deficiency:  This occasionally occurs in poorly maintained
> aquariums, including, too large a fish population and only a few plants, 
> dirty or clogged filters, muddy bottom material, and large accumulations
> of leftover food, poor lighting which reduces photosynthesis capability, 
> starved plants suffering from nutritional deficiencies...if the O2
> content is less then 2 milligrams per quart (L), the fish will be at the
> surface gasping for air."
> And I comment:
> It can also happen in perfectly maintained, sparkling clean, heavily
> planted tanks.  How?  High altitude and hot summer nights.

High temperatures probably have a greater effect then high altitude, and
high temps happen lots of places.  Just ask our readers in Singapore.

I live at about a mile altitude, my air conditioner doesn't even
come on under 80 degrees and tank temperatures run 80+ degrees most all
the time and have exceeded 90 degrees for long periods.  I've never seen
those conditions cause oxygen deficiency in any of my tanks in the 13
years I've been keeping them here.

I think you may need to look for a different cause.  Insufficient
circulation is a possible culprit.  Also, don't let clear water confuse
you into thinking that conditions are perfect.  Heavy mechanical
filtration can give you very clear water while doing little for the state
of health in your tank.

Roger Miller