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Re: Which Eheim do you use?

On Fri, 25 Aug Richard Orr <rich_orr at yahoo_com> wrote:

> This is a very timely discussion.  I was trying to
> right-size an Eheim to my 75 Gallon tank.  Based on
> the comments so far, I haven't been able to draw a
> conclusion on what most people do as far as selecting
> a filter.  I am planning on a 2226 or 2217.
> I generally keep an average to high fish load so I am
> not in a standard planted tank situation.  Currently,
> I run a Fluval 204 on a 38 gallon and find that it
> works just fine.
> Thoughts?

I prefer to pick the larger filter if possible.  You can always slow down the
output with a ball valve, but you cannot increase it.  Just my preference.