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Iron Tester etc.

2 Questions :

     1.  I found a bottle ( in the clearance dept. ) , of Super Chelated
Iron..."Kent Marine".
     It`s a "Macro-Algae Supplement with  Manganese for Reef Type Marine
Aquariums" .
      Dosage is 8 drops a day .   Contains deionized water , chelated iron ,
salts ofpotassium ,
      boron , manganese , magnesium , trace elements , and inorganic
stabilizers .
     Can this product be safely used in a freshwater/planted/stocked
aquarium ?
 2. I just got one of the SERA   FE Test Kits . I follow the instructions
about using the
     regent , but I can`t get any color to compare with the chart . I`ve
added the correct
      amount of Iron supplement from another source ( not the marine stuff )
, but still get no color .
     I`ve been adding  iron and PMDD due to a yellowing of leaves and a near
     of growth ....after seeing no Iron in my testing . Still no iron .
    What am I doing wrong with the test kit ? Is it supposed to be such a
pale color change that
     it`s difficult to notice ? I check it at 3 minute intervals for 5 tries
and get 0  iron .
    Could that be , even though I`m adding the iron ? I`ve got quite a few
fast growing plants
   so maybe that`s it...I don`t know at this point .
                                 Wilmington , Ohio