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Re: Lamotte O2 test

John asked:
>> "I inject O2 and also inject C02... The problem is that I don't know if
'9' is
>> a good number or not.  Can anyone tell me what acceptable readings would be
>> using this test kit?"
James Purchase replied:
>> How (and WHY) are you injecting O2 into your tank? A well planted, properly
>> maintained aquarium should have no problems with lack of Oxygen without
>> going to the bother of us having to "inject" it.

G. Booth asks in astonishment: 

>You are injecting something into your tank and you don't even know how
much you 
>should be injecting????  If someone advised you to do this, I would give
them a 
>real hard, squinty-eyed look and perhaps find someone else to get advice

I'll add:

Please don't do this oxygen thing.  An enriched O2 mixture can be a DEADLY
thing!  I'm an obsessed plant nut like the next guy but my scientific and
aesthetic curiosity ends where EXPLOSIVES begin!   Do you have a family?  A
current will?   If anything goes wrong during the day you could return to a
pile of cinders that was once your home!  I've learned to respect how
frighteningly easy it is to set off even slightly enriched oxygen.  A
static snap provides several times the energy of activation it takes to
blow you into the middle of next week!

Plants grown w/o extra oxygen!