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Aeration/ CO2 loss

    In APD #493, a suggestion was made to a newbie to remove extra aeration 
from his tank to avoid removing CO2.  The newbie did not have any kind of CO2 
injection.      I comment because I have seen this (incorrect, I believe) 
advice before.  A still, planted tank without supplemental CO2 will have less 
CO2 in the water column (during the day) than the same tank with lots of 
surface agitation.  CO2 consumed by plants reduces the ratio of CO2 to other 
dissolved gasses to a point below the ratio found in the atmosphere.  
Aeration helps keep these ratios similar.
    I have not tested this theory- I accept it on its logic.  If there are 
holes in it, I am sure I will hear about them  :).
    Pierre Gagne
    Kensington, MD