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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #491

> What was the change? Laterite. Need I say more? <G>
> Susan
> ------------------------------

Some what of a newbie here,
What exactly is laterite?
Where can i get it?
How much should i expect to pay for it?

My tank is currently running an off the back +/- 300 gph filter with home made
biological setup, a 100 gph power head, a 8 inch bubble wand. The tank is a home
made 75-80 gallon tank and is lit currently by 2 40 watt florescents, but they hang
over the edge as the tank is not 4 feet long. I currently have plants in it, they
exist, but I would hardly say they grown much over the 8 months i have had them. The
tank has river gravel (10-20 mm) in size for its substrate.

What other setups in substrate could I consider for a planted tank?

I plan on building a hood for the tank at which time it will have 4 3' florescent
plant tubes in it.

Thank you