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Which EHEIM canister to buy ?


I am considering to buy a EHEIM Professional canister filter for my 100
litre (26 gal) tank. (heavily planted, light fish load).
EHEIM web site recommended the Model 2222 (for tank size upto 39gal,
pump rate 500L/H, Filter Volume=2.3L).

But from the AP's FAQ most people go for one up, which will lead to the
Model 2224 (rated as 66 gal max, 700L/H, FV=3L).

I know that in actual set up the flow rate will be much lesser than the
specified pump rate. But even at 50% I may still get 250 L/H out of the
Model 2222 which is about 2.5 turns of a 100l tank per hour.

So should I based on EHEIM recommendation or to up size as most people did ?
(Also noted that both model may be using the same 8W pump!)

Thanks for any advice. Any real flowrate measurement of both models ?


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