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RE: RE: Fiber Optic Sensors for pH, temp., O2....

> > Charley Bay wrote:
> > "I'm thinking my automated system will be all fiber."
> > James Purchase replied:
> > > I've just checked the prices of those things...... WOW!
> > > <snip>
> > > Think I'll wait until Dupla brings out the "economy" version......
Well, I suppose it's possible I don't need the version that
is pH accurate to 0.00001.  ;-))  You could do some really
cool research with that, though, and not have calibration
issues.  The pH probe I saw last year that was an all-fiber
solution I think was $200 (I think this one cost more because
it had the halogen lamp and filters.)

So yes, this is probably not for the faint of heart. ;-)))

We've got a hotshot optics PhD here, and I'll ask him
if he can make one for me.  ;-)

charleyb at cytomation_com