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Re: Light meters

> Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 20:54:41 -0500
> From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
> Finally, we are more concerned with PAR and I've yet to see a photographic
> light meter that is capable of measuring that.

Yep, hard to find a PARmeter. Probably expensive too. 

If you are interested in comparing lighting setups and aren't overly concerned 
that "lumens and lux are tuned to the human eye response, not phtosynthesis", 
you can get a luxmeter fairly cheaply. Pet Warehouse (www.petwhse.com) sells a 
luxmeter for $99 (item 505715). It looks like the one we've had for years. The 
diffuse remote wand can be submerged for underwater readings.  At least, I think 
it can be submerged. We've been submerging ours for years and it still works 
<g>. It measures up to 50,000 lux in three ranges and has three digit 
resolution. Ours seems very repeatable.  Recommended.   

George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)