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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #490

>> David Luckie writes:

>> I've seen black PVC in the drainage and irrigation
>>  section of Lowe's and Home Depot.

> The reason it is in the drainage and irrigation 
> section is because it isn't PVC.  It's ABS, and in 
> the US is illegal to use for supply plumbing.  
> In continuous contact with water it will leach 
> chemicals used in plastic manufacture known 
> as "plasticizers".  These things are toxic, and I 
> would strongly recommend against using it in your 
> aquarium.

No, I know the difference between ABS and PVC.  ;) 
This is black Schedule 40.  It is stamped on the side.
I saw 4" and 2" sizes, with some slotted 4" to boot. 
Maybe it's only available around here--many houses are
built on pilings to survive storm surge, and exposed,
white PVC plumbing looks awful on a half-a-million
vacation dream home. 

I was in the planning stages of building a waterfall
for the pond, and needed something to carry the water
from the filter outfall to the waterfall's basin.  I
ended up using grey polybutylene because it was
flexible and would have less friction head.


David (keeping a close eye on Hurricane Debby here on
the Gulf Coast...)

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