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RE: Light meters

James Purchase wrote:

Finally, we are more concerned with PAR and I've yet to see a photographic
light meter that is capable of measuring that.

I reply:

I have looked into purchasing a PAR meter but the price is something like
$1000. There is one cheap submersible PAR meter made that would be OK for
measuring light intensities but the spectral response is not good enough to
rate lamps so I never gave it much consideration. It is also kind of
semi-cosine corrected. Maybe I should take another look. I could correct the
values I get using IVO's lamp data. If anyone else is interested the company
is Apogee instuments at http://www.apogee-inst.com/ They do make a
PAR/footcandles meter as well.

The photocell is the same for both a lux meter and PAR meter. The thing that
makes quality light meters so expensive is the filtering lenses. High
quality filters that produce an accurate response equal high costs.