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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #487

On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, Ron Barter <mistnfrost at superaje_com> wrote:
> Subject: Re: two questions
> Hi Ron:
>     I too am looking for a way of coloring the CPVC pipes in my tank in
> order to "tone them down", and was pleased to see your response to Roger's
> question. Could you tell us what actual brand you used? I'm not a chemist by
> any stretch of the imagination, but would guess that different formulations
> of epoxy paint could differ in their toxicity. And what about the epoxy
> paints used in marine (boating) applications? I know they are available in a
> wide range of colors.


The paint I am using at present is:

number 193 Gloss Black

It may only be available in white and black.  I am probably wrong about that
as the HW store where I got it only had two colors.  Assemblies outside of the
tank should be sprayed _after_  gluing.  Assemblies inside the tank are press
fitted so that configurations can be re-arrainged, however any assemblies
above the waterline have to be glued or the filter will draw air.

Probably any epoxy can be used as long as it is well cured.  I used the spray
for ease of application.  I don't if all the colors would be available in a

Epoxy coatings have been used to seal the interior of plywood tanks, however
it is usually 2 part epoxy rosin(sp??)/resin.  After it cures it is usually
impervious to water.