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More on Submersible Pumps

Hi All,

Thanks to those who have posted here and to those who have sent me email
regarding my search for the "perfect pump". I have been given a brief
reprieve by, of all folks, my LFS. I went in there looking for a new pump
and he sold me a new impeller instead. I had my Visa card in my hot, sweaty
hand was was ready to trade dead presidents for something cool.  Instead
all I could spend was 10$ for a boring looking part. This was a dirty trick
because now I want to patronize him... :-) Actually I ended up buying 3
bags of Fluorite and some filter material too since I felt so warm and fuzzy.

My Mag pump is now pretty quiet so I can finish setting up the tank and see
how the current (no pun intended) flows work. I am using some Loc-line
fittings to split up the flow and get it to dead spots, like the back of
the tank.

My new challenge is now lighting. My tank came with a very nice wooden cap.
Unfortunately only the top-most piece is hinged so that when it opens you
must reach down through the added 6 inches of the cap's depth to get to the
water. Not too good for the all too frequent entries of the plant
enthusiast. Also when raising the top you must lift all of the lighting
fixtures. I am thinking of cutting the entire cap down the center
lenght-wise and using a piano hinge so that I can roll the entire front
section back upon the rear section. This leaves one group of lights pointed
into the tank while I am working and the front open at the level of the top
of the tank. This very clever idea came from the web site of one of you I
believe. I will probably go with 4 x 55w from AH Lighting. If I screw up
the woodworking I will go "open tank" with a pair of MH pendants... perhaps
150w x 2 for my 75G

Thanks for all of the help, your posts, and for Cynthia's occasional mercy
killing of threads...



           Paul Mouritsen.....mourip @ erols.com

     If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans...


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