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Submersible Pumps

George Booth wrote:  "Your fear is unfounded. Our Quiet Ones are doing about
360 gph at a 4' head.  We use a ball valve on the output of the pump to
control the flow.  As you restrict the flow, the pump actually does less
work and draws less energy.  We've had bad experiences with submersible
pumps - get a real one!"
I vote for a real pump too, but I can tell you for 100% sure that the Eheim
1260 is a great pump!  I have abused one for five years running in the
trickle filter of my 125 gallon tank and it has performed perfectly.  I have
run the pump dry for hours at a time (I used to not turn it off during water
changes and my trickle box water level has dropped when I have been out of
town).  I have let the intake filter get clogged up with the flow rate
virtually stopped for days.  I have turned the ball valve down to very low
levels and then forgotten about that for days at a time too.  I clean the
filter on the pump less than once a year.  You name it and I have done to
that little miraculous pump!  And uh, I have never looked at or attempted to
maintain the innards of the little pump, either!  Yet it just keeps on
pumping, 365 days a year, including Christmas, year after year!  :-)
Yesterday, I set up my new 175 gallon Oceanic bow front tank (which has
overflows at both ends of the tank) and you know what pumps I installed?
That's right, two brand new Eheim 1260s with ball valves on the outputs!
You won't go wrong with the Eheim.
Regards, Steve Dixon in San Francisco  BTW, our local plant group
(www.sfbaaps.com <http://www.sfbaaps.com> ) held another great open house
yesterday.  This is just a great way to see other folks tanks and to meet
people interested in this great hobby.