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Ceratopteris thalicroides and FFF/AFF/JF fish sexing

I have found that Ceratopteris thalicroides changes shape in different 
conditions, i.e. in good conditions it's a thinner leavfed plant, but in the 
lower reaches of the plant, it's a much larger plate like leaf. Any similar 

I couldn't find a picture of the FFF/AFF/JF fish anywhere, I got 3 and don't 
know which are what sex, any pictures? Dwight had a great info-link on his 
site at www.floridadriftwood.com somewhere, but other than that, Fins had an 
oudated link. Any help? what food do they like as a subsitute when they run 
out of algae? peas and cantaloupes and zuchhini and cucumber like 
Lorricariids (sp?) i.e. Pleckos I call them Pleckys becuase it sounds nice to 
me and my family :-) Anyone know what industrial processes Peas must go 
through to become "deshelled" ? Or is it like shucking an oyster, or 
deshelling a shrimp? Any tools for deshelling peas? I've never deshelled any 
vegetable before, theough my girlfriend informed me I could peal mushrooms 
the other day. thanks, Bill