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Re: Two questions

On Sat, 19 Aug 2000 Roger S. Miller wrote:


> Second, does anyone know a way to dye PVC or CPVC pipes so they would be
> less obvious?  I do a lot of plumbing around my tanks with PVC and CPVC,
> but their light, off-white color makes them stand out.  Gray pipes and
> fittings are less noticable. but there's only a limited choice in gray PVC
> pipe and few if any fittings in that color.


One thing I have used in several tanks and have had no noticable side effects
on plants or fish, is to spray the submerged plumbing with black epoxy spray
paint.  I have gotten this spray in several small hardware stores.  It is used
on kitchen equipment and is usually available in white or black.  There may be
other colors available.  For the plumbing outside the tank, I use a colored
spray enamel to match whatever surface it is attached to.