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Water sprite

Paul Krombholz wrote:
<< Water sprite seems to be better than several other plants I have tested in
 keeping down green water.  Credit for the claim that water sprite is
 exceptional, goes to Richard Sexton. >>

I ask:
When we speak of "Water sprite" are we referring to Hygrophila difformis, 
Ceratopteris thalicroides or perhaps something else entirely? Mr. Purchase 
makes a good point in this regard.

Thanks for the clarification.

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach

PS: My male Jordanella floridae, or Jo-flo is quite brilliantly colored. I 
should imagine that with a little selective breeding - a fish of exceptional 
appearance could be produced. Of course, this use of selective breeding for 
appearances only has often led to the elimination of other desirable 
character traits and the ruination of a number of performance bred animals.