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Re: Common vs Scientific names (was Florida Flag Fish Freedom)

CAUTION: Remember the pH/ammonia interaction when receiving a shipment of
aquatic animals, especially one that has spent 3 or more days in Priority
Mail.  The CO2 and ammonia concentrations in the shipping water are likely
high and the pH low.  (Trust me - I just received a shipment of these fish
by 4th-day 'Priority' and this was exactly the case!!)  Float the bag to
achieve a common temperature, but do not mix bag and tank waters.  The
higher pH of the tank water can cause the ammonium in the bag to convert to
more toxic ammonia and kill the new arrivals.  Simply pour the
temperature-acclimated animals into a net over a bucket or sink and add only
the animals to the new tank.  Kevin

> From: Dwight <boukmn at mindspring_com>
> cross-country priority mail shipping.  I sent a few of these to San Fran
> a test...SUCCESS!