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Re: Potassium Test Kits

>Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 14:04:18 -0600
>From: Cindy Camp <snoopy at ast_lmco.com>
>Subject: Potassium Test Kits
>For those of you out there who are testing for Potassium
>or have tested for potassium in the past, what test
>kit did you use, and where did you purchase it at?
>I was going to get the LaMotte kit from Pet Warehouse,
>but they don't appear to sell it anymore.

You can get it directly from LaMotte.  Go to

It is a good kit, and I think that the stated number of tests of 100 from
the available reagents is very conservative.  Basically, if you get any
kind of white percipitate, you do not have to add potassium.  You really do
not have to measure the parts per million.

I am behind in reading the list, and so others may have already told you
about this site.

Paul Krombholz, in hot, dry, central Mississippi